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DIY Starter Kit


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  • DIY Starter Kit includes

  • 10 lbs K-100 (1500-2000 square feet of vegetation coverage) 

  • 1 Backpack Sprayer

  • Discount on larger quantity or future Komodo Ultimate Fire Shield Products

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K-100 Perimeter Shield is a proprietary powder designed for dilution in water and applied as a passive fire retardant to the natural areas surrounding the perimeter of homes and other landscaped areas. DIY Kit comes with two 5 lbs of K-100 to make 10-12 gallons of mixed product. 1 Gallon of mixed product provides 150-200 square feet of coverage. Total coverage: 1500-2000 square feet of vegetation (Varies depending on the surface area)

Professional Grade 20 Liter Backpack Sprayer
Lightweight, easy to use, comes with instructions and multiple nozzles and adjustable backpack straps. Reusable


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